MARG1N is a Southeast Asian film magazine based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our annual publication links two Southeast Asian countries under a single theme, exploring cinema peripherally.    


ISSUE 1: pirate.lov3r.2024.mkv
Conversations between friends on piracy raised the ethical dilemmas of stealing, saving, and sharing. Are all our favorite films guilty pleasures because each one was pirated?

Pictures from: Jay Rosas,  Glenn Barit

Stills from: The Crocodile (2005), Golden Slumbers (2011)



ISSUE 0:  In Birth of Lost Time
Separated into eight panels, the issue starts with fragments on Cambodian cinema and local magazines. Then, the panels expand to two interviews from Polen Ly and Sam Manacsa. Lastly, a writeup on distribution and piracy teases the next issue’s topic. 

On the flipside, a poster artwork by Maylee Keo synthesizes cinematic references from both Cambodian and Filipino cinema. 

Writers: Savunthara Seng, Danech San, Alyssandra Maxine

Designer: Sonich Touch