MARG1N is a Southeast Asian film magazine based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our annual publication links two Southeast Asian countries under a single theme, exploring cinema peripherally.    



What is MARG1N?
MARG1N, an independent Southeast Asian film magazine, celebrates and bridges together passionate writers, artists, and filmmakers through the lenses of marginalized cinema. Through upcoming releases and future projects, we’re determined to introduce curious readers to the contemporary pulses, countercultural narratives, and overlooked histories found within the region.

What can I expect from the first issue in terms of content?
There will be over 120 pages of the following, all related to the main topic of film piracy and distribution within Cambodia and the Philippines:
  • Informative essays
  • Experimental pieces
  • Interviews
  • Comics
  • Confessionals
  • Analog photography

What are the printing specs of the magazine?
The magazine’s contents use Arena Rough paper and the fonts Eudald News and Elza. The pages are stitched together through coptic binding. Many thanks to Beegin Print & Pack, our printing house, for ensuring the quality of our final print.

When will the inaugural issue be published?
A limited number of copies will be available at Cambodia’s launch date on 03/30. The full release within the country will be available the month after, with distribution within the Philippines and overseas following by Q2 or Q3 of 2024.

Who’s involved in Issue 1?
In order of appearance, through their words, images, or visual flair:
Cambodia: Savunthara Seng, LinDa Saphan, Kavich Neang, Phanit Yem, Bunty Bou, Leo Sok, Danech San, Saphy Vong, Sonich Touch
Philippines: Khavn de la Cruz, Jason Tan Liwag, Chai Fonacier, Mervine Aquino, Javi Villaluz, VJ Joson, Jay Rosas, Celine Jao, Red Sales, Alyssandra Maxine
International: Sasha Han, Eve Watling, Jeremiah Overman

Film piracy, really?
Really. And distribution.

I know little about Southeast Asian cinema or film in general. Would I still be able to enjoy this issue?
While the issue is crafted with cinephiles in mind, one of our goals with Issue 1 was to offer an accessible English-speaking gateway to the scene, regardless of your starting point. The way we convey our topics is clear and direct, avoiding highfalutin approaches while retaining the meat of the ideas. If you’re fond of print culture or bold graphic design, you may also find joy in simply flipping through the issue. Of course, your mileage may vary. We appreciate you taking the leap if you dare!

Why is MARG1N print-only? I’d love to read it on the web!
What we value most from physical copies over online releases are the increased intimacies between the writer and the reader and the reader with the world. As we seep ourselves further into the digital age, we catch ourselves yearning for the tactility of paper and opportunities for visceral resistances against passivity—the chances to highlight over, tear apart, and scribble alongside what curators and algorithms offer us. By emphasizing the reader’s agency, we also hope to fuel more face-to-face, human encounters between and among the Southeast Asian film community and the public.

Why the Philippines and Cambodia?
The editors and publishers hail from these countries. It made the most sense to start out in familiar territories to test the waters. Furthermore, while the Philippines and Cambodia share a few things in common, such as bagoong and prahok, our countries have paltry ties to one another in the realms of film. Part of what we wanted to accomplish with this magazine was to solidify Southeast Asian solidarity within us and our neighbors. If we have no history to draw from, then we must carve out our own alliances through our present actions. While reading this magazine, you may notice similarities between the two countries, or between yourself and what was once an unfamiliar neighbor.

How much is the preorder and retail price of the issue?
The preorder and recommended retail price costs $16 USD, ៛64,000, or ₱890. The first 50 PREORDERS will come with a free copy of Issue 0, which is our teaser zine with a custom print.

How may I preorder or reserve a copy of Issue 1 if I’m from Cambodia or the Philippines?
Fill in our Tally form here, which also includes our available payment methods. We’ll send a confirmation email upon manual verification, which can take 1-2 working days. Another update will be sent out closer to the launch date that will give buyers the option to pick their order up in person during our launch event or another date through their own personal booking (private courier, local pick-up, etc). The magazine will be available first in Cambodia.

How may I purchase a copy of Issue 1 if I’m from elsewhere in Southeast Asia or another foreign country?
First, check our stockists on our website. If none of the available options are suited for you, fill in our form here. We have two options for international shipping.
  1. We send the order via international couriers, with the shipping fee shouldered by the buyer. An estimate of costs via Cambodian Post can be found here.
  2. Friends of MARG1N often travel from Cambodia to Europe, the US, and other parts of Asia. This option will be cheaper than traditional shipping but takes longer to fulfill. By filling in the form, you join the waitlist for orders in your country.

I’m interested in distributing or consigning Pirate.Lov3r within Southeast Asia or overseas. To where may I forward that query?
Thank you for your interest! Please email to get in touch with us.

Is there a way to keep in the loop with the project?
Besides keeping an eye out on this website, you may follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok. We’re also contemplating on opening a Discord server for readers–stay tuned for more details.

What will Issue 2 be about?
We’ll be moving onto two different Southeast Asian countries with another theme. The full teaser will be in Pirate.Lov3r.2024.mkv! Stay tuned to our online updates post-publication for the public call.