MARG1N is a Southeast Asian film magazine based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our annual publication links two Southeast Asian countries under a single theme, exploring cinema peripherally.    


Local Orders (Cambodia/Philippines)Check our stockist to see if they’re anywhere near you.

 $16 or ៛64,000 in Cambodia and ₱890 in the Philippines. 

Orders purchasing 4 or more copies within Phnom Penh or Metro Manila will receive free shipping. Otherwise, all delivery fees are shouldered by the buyer.

Cambodia: We’ll arrange for the dropoff of the order to your address. Provincial orders can be accomodated via J&T Express. 
Philippines: If within Metro Manila, please book a private courier (Grab, Lalamove, etc.). Provincial orders can be accommodated through GoGo XPress. Launch event TBA!

Mode of Payment
Cambodia: ABA
Philippines: GCash, BDO, UnionBank


International Orders (Outside of CAM/PH)Check our stockist to see if they’re anywhere near you. See all the choices and the instructions below before placing or paying for your international order.

Mode of Payment
Payment for international orders will be accepted through MoneyGram. 

USD $16 

Types of Delivery
1. Friends of MARG1N: Our informal distributors are kind souls with room in their suitcases to carry the issues to their hometowns. For our young publication, this is the only way to mitigate the high shipping fees from Cambodia to anywhere else in the world.

The magazine may take longer to get to you than postal shipping, but you have our word that the issue will be in your hands within the year 2024! Check the list below for people coming near you:

Paris, France - April
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - April
Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam - April
Vientiane, Laos - April
Jakarta, Indonesia - April
Manila, Philippines - April
Yogyakarta, Indonesia - April
Udine, Italy - April-May

Singapore - May
Maastricht- Netherlands - May
Chicago (IL), United States - May
Berkeley (CA), United States - May
Beijing, China - May

Bangkok, Thailand - July
London, United Kingdom - July
Long Beach (CA), United States - July

Hong Kong - August

*We are now in the process of finding friends in different countries who are willing to handle domestic postal shipping of issues, for example within the USA or the EU. This would offer a more reasonable price for shipping than delivery via Cambodia Post as detailed below. More information about this delivery option will be posted here when confirmed and available. The list will be constantly updated.

2. Cambodia Post: Our postal office breaks down the EMS international shipping prices here in riel (1USD = approx. 4100 KHR). For shipping with this option, you will be charged via MoneyGram for the $16 sales price, plus the shipping cost according to the Cambodia Post, plus a 6% surcharge of the toal of sales to cover logistics, labor, packaging, and transaction costs.

For a buyer in the United States ordering 1 copy of the magazine with shipping via Cambodia Post’s EMS service, the cost will be:
- USD $16 for 1 issue
- Est. 248,000 KHR for 0.5kg delivery with EMS = USD $60.49 for shipping
- Subtotal for item + shipping = USD $76.49
- 6% surcharge = $4.59
- Total cost = $82.39

Once this total price, including all shipping and surcharges, is confirmed by the buyer, they will be charged for it via MoneyGram.

Go to: MoneyGram website, activated in your country!
Click: How To Pay MARG1N Via MoneyGram